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How often do you stay in and cook dinner in your Daytona apartments? If you’re super financially responsible, you’re probably staying in your apartment 6 or 7 nights each week. That’s a smart way to live, but it’s also very difficult to maintain that kind of lifestyle. Daytona is filled with awesome restaurants, and it’s tempting to avoid your kitchen altogether and let a professional chef cook your dinner.

We’re not here to tell you to avoid eating out — that advice would fall on deaf ears. Instead, we’re going to tell you how you can save a little money next time you do eat out! The trick to avoid the traps that restaurants set to convince patrons to spend more money than they planned on spending.

Check out the list of money-saving tips below, and remember to share this post with your friends and neighbors at your community of Daytona Apartmenrts!

Open those emails in your inbox

You know the emails we’re talking about — the ones from Groupon, Opentable, Yelp and other coupon websites. You get those emails everyday, and you probably delete them everyday. When was the last time you even opened one?

Just think; at one point in time you cared enough about restaurant coupons to sign up for these emails. What happened? When did you decide that restaurant coupons were no longer worth the effort? We think you should try to rediscover the power of coupons, and save some money while you’re at it. You never know when one of those coupons is going to have a BOGO for your favorite restaurant!

Be an early bird

At most restaurants, breakfast is the most affordable meal of the day, followed by lunch, with dinner being the most expensive. Eating off the happy hour menu is the most affordable way to dine out, but all happy hours are not created equal. If you see a new restaurant that you want to try, see if they have appetizers on their happy hour menu. If they do, that’s when you should visit.

What we’re trying to say, is that dinner is the worst time to try a new restaurant. If you must go out to eat near your Daytona apartments, go for lunch, breakfast or happy hour. You won’t pay as much, and you’ll most likely avoid a long wait.

Use the appetizer menu wisely

The appetizer menu is a tricky thing to manage. It’s our belief that the best food at any given restaurant can be found on the appetizer menu. It might not be the most healthy food, but it’s certainly the most flavorful. Be careful with the appetizer menu though!

In general, you should either order off it exclusively or avoid it altogether. Ordering off the appetizer menu is a good way to save money, as you generally get larger portions for lower prices because the food is meant to be shared. Ordering appetizers and entrees is a big no-no if you’re trying to save money, however, so don’t even look at the appetizer menu if you plan on ordering an entree.

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