Ranking the Pizza Spots near your Daytona Apartments

Ranking the Pizza Spots near your Daytona Apartments


There’s a myth out there that pizza is a cheap, lowbrow meal. While some pizza restaurants specialize in making greasy pizza quickly, there are plenty of other restaurants near your Daytona apartments that take their time to make amazing artisan pizzas.


It’s one thing to eat pizza on your couch in front of your TV, but there are better pizza experiences to be had elsewhere in Daytona. Most of the spots on this list are a little more expensive than the chain pizza joints you’re used to, but the extra cost is worth it for pizza that tastes like it was delivered fresh from Rome.


Next time you’re in the mood for a delicious slice of pizza, check out the top-rated pizza restaurants on this list. When you’re done reading through the post below, please feel free to share this post with your friends and neighbors at your community of apartments in Daytona!


Corleone’s Famous New York Pizza & Gyros


You know the “World’s Most Famous Beach” sign? Corleone’s is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant located right next to that sign. You won’t find a pizza joint in Daytona that’s closer to the beach, and you won’t find one that serves better NY-style pizza.


Corleone’s has other options like calzones and garlic knots as well, but they’re famous for their thin-crust pizzas that come topped with fresh ingredients. People rave about the white sauce pizza at Corleone’s, so try ordering that if you’re feeling a little adventurous. Even the vegetarian pizzas at Corleone are super flavorful, so check this place out next time you’re trying to compromise on a pizza place with your vegetarian friends.


MidiCi — The Neapolitan Pizza Company


The best compliment a pizza place can receive is that they serve pizza that tastes like it was made in Italy. If you look at the reviews for MiDiCi, you’ll see that everyone raves about the authenticity of their Italian pizzas and beautiful decor. Most pizza places don’t focus much on their ambiance, but MidiCi does a great job of creating a warm, welcoming space for their customers. A pizza restaurant might not be your first choice for a date, but MidiCi is nice enough to impress anyone.


Every pizza at MidiCi comes out with a light, soft crust. The neapolitan pies are covered in sliced cheese that tastes like it was imported from Italy that same day! If you want pizza in a decidedly upscale setting, check this place out.


Constantine’s Pizza House


If you insist on ordering pizza and eating it in your apartment, you can at least order from a local pizza place that uses high-quality ingredients. Constantine’s Pizza House does a great job of delivering pizza just as quickly as the chain restaurants do, and your pizza will arrive hot and fresh at your door.


You have to scroll pretty far down Constantine’s Yelp page before you’ll find anything less than a five-star review. Everyone loves their creamy cheese, well-seasoned tomato sauce, and unbelievably tasty slices of pepperoni.


Those are all the pizza restaurants we’ve got for you this week, residents! As always, we appreciate those of you that have taken some time out of your day to hang out with us here on the Eagle Landing blog page, and we hope you get the chance the try these top-ranked pizza restaurants in the near future.


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