Networking Advice from your Daytona Apartments

  Everyone living in student apartments in Daytona Beach knows the importance of professional networking, but it can’t be overstated. Even someone who gets straight A’s and lands the top-notch internships might get beat out for their dream position by someone who made the right connections in college. We want to help our residents make [...]

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Ranking the Wing Spots near your Daytona Apartments

  Your favorite community of apartments in Daytona is back with another blog post, and this one is all about everyone’s favorite thing to eat while watching the game. Yes, we’re talking about chicken wings. Daytona Beach has tons of awesome wing spots, but we’ve managed to narrow this list down to the top four [...]

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The Best Bike Trails near your Daytona Apartments

There’s a lot to love about living in our community of apartments in Daytona Beach, but it’s an especially lovely place if you’re into outdoor activities. With that in mind, we decided to write this week’s blog post about one of our favorite outdoor activities; exploring the bike trails around Daytona Beach. Whether you’re into [...]

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